Sometimes you may develop concerns about whether buyers are sharing resources purchased at locations other than Boom Learning. You may want an audit of sales.

You can conduct your own audit by going to Transactions and attempting to match buyer patterns to off-site sales patterns. Because of privacy rules, we cannot give you buyer names. Remember sales dates and redemption dates rarely match. It is very common for a Spring or Summer off-site purchase to not be redeemed until months later when the fall digital classroom is being set up. 

Common Issues that Are Not Issues

  • Bundle price paid is not the price I charge - see Complete My Bundle payouts.
  • Sale is for zero points and I charge - if the sale listed is the very first sale (or the first sales), this means you hit Publish to the Store before setting a price. Our bargain hunters are insanely fast.

On sales charged an external service fee, you can request audit services. You must provide us with one year of off-site purchase records (dates and marketplace location) for the product in question. You must also identify the redemptions on Boom that you consider questionable. We provide one audit per year for the included fee. 

Audits and proof of purchase processes are expensive because sales dates and redemption dates rarely match, meaning there can be a lot of back and forth to establish if a sale is legitimate. Our experience is that most sales turn out to be legitimate (second account owned by the same buyer is most common). Rarely we find a cheater and require them to come into compliance or delete decks. We only offer audit services for links that pay the fee. If you want a free link audited, we will send a fee estimate to perform the audit. If you accept the fee, we will conduct the audit.

Keep a spreadsheet that looks like the attached image. The image is a mock up that shows a red flag transaction (the June 12 redemptions). Sending this allows us to identify the occasional cheater quickly and effectively. Make sure you include TpT School Access and multiple licenses.