In this guide, we will show how to share, clone (copy), and transfer ownership of self-made Boom Card activities in your Studio page. You cannot share decks that you buy, but you can share decks that you made yourself.

To start, navigate to your Studio and select "Make Decks." 

Find the deck you'd like to share, clone or transfer. Here is an example deck:

"Clone" allows you to copy a deck you made. This is great for making a series of increasing difficulty or related concepts with similar designs. You will be given the option to clone the entire deck or just the template card. 

When you choose an option, the page will refresh and automatically open your copy in the deck editor. When you return to the deck selection screen, you will see the copy. It will have the name of the original with ".COPY" at the end.

You can change the name of this deck by opening it in the deck editor and changing its details. 

"Share" allows you to send a copy of a deck you made to anybody you have registered as a Colleague. This means that free accounts cannot share their decks because they cannot have Colleagues. If you are planning on sharing your decks with other teachers, you must upgrade your account to any one of our paid memberships.

To develop a network of colleagues, go to your Classes tab and locate the Colleagues button on the left side of your screen.


Then click on the "Add Colleague" button. You will need their Boom Learning account email address to invite them. Enter their email into the text box and click "Okay."

Your invitation will then show as "Pending".

Once the other teacher accepts your invitation, you will be able to share with them.

We recommend this for content being shared by teaching teams. Shared decks allow the recipient(s) to assign the deck to students, but they may NOT edit or re-share the deck.

"Transfer" transfers a deck you have created to another Boom Learning member by using their Boom Learning Username. This is the only username you can use to share the deck with them. Do NOT use the recipient's "Classroom Username." They can set a username in their account settings.

This is used for collaborative development. When you transfer a deck, you retain NO access to the deck. To get it back, the recipient must transfer it back to you.

As a result, we highly recommend you transfer a copy (see above) or triple-check that the recipient's username is correct before confirming the action.