This article explains what points are, how to purchase them, and how they are used within Boom.

What are points?

Points are credits you purchase to redeem for curriculum content offered in the Store, such as decks, images, and fonts. 

All the decks, images, fonts, and files offered in the Boom Marketplace are created and offered by other users and teachers like you. 

Sharing and selling teacher-made creations allows teachers to generate supplemental income. This enables other teachers to take advantage of well-tested learning materials that are ready to use - rather than having to create all their own materials from scratch. 

Points are separate from Membership fee. Membership fees pay for access to all the time-saving data processing required to play, grade, and report student progress on all the engaging Boom Cards that you make or acquire. You can learn more about the difference here.

Why points instead of direct payment?

Points allow you to make very small purchases (such as a $.05 image or $2.00 font) that would otherwise involve fees.

How do I buy points? 

You can buy points by going to the Featured section of the Boom Store and clicking on the package you'd like:

You can also purchase points from the membership tab of your account settings. This page will show you your points balance as well. Click on the "Buy Points" button and select which package you'd like to purchase:

A confirmation box will pop up with payment options as well as a quick message about relevant taxes for your purchase. Select the payment option you'd like to use to proceed.