Points are credits you purchase to redeem for curriculum content offered in the Store, such as decks, images, and fonts. 

All the decks, images, fonts, and files that offered in the Boom Marketplace are created and offered by other users and teachers like you. 

Sharing and selling teacher-made creations allows teachers to generate supplemental income. This in turn enables other teachers to leverage well-tested learning materials that are ready to use - rather than having to create all their own materials from scratch. 

Membership fees pay for access to all the time-saving data processing required to play, grade, and report student progress on all the engaging Boom Cards that you make or acquire.

Why points instead of direct payment?

Points allow you to make very small purchases (such as a $.05 image or $2.00 font) that would otherwise cause issues when routed through financial institutions. 

Points are also much easier to move than money; for example, when schools buy points, the points can be transferred (on request) between teachers at the school without involving a financial institution. Upon request, you can also give your points to another Boom Cards user or convert purchased points to a Boom Cards gift card voucher.