To make your products discoverable in the store you should understand how our search works (if we change it we'll let you know).

1. Title: We currently search the titles and give it highest preference in rating the relevance of an answer. 

2. Keywords: You add these in the Details box in the editor. Make sure you include in the keywords any word a user is likely to search on to find your product. For now, you should include subjects, such a ELA, Math, here. Repeating a keyword will not cause you to rank higher in search.

3. Description: We give this third priority in rating relevance after the title and keywords. Make sure your description has words that you think buyers would search on. 

We currently have a subject field in our Details menu. We are not yet searching on Subject, but that is coming. You should try to complete this box for all decks.

Your author description should include all the names by which you or your store is now known or has ever been known to help users find you.