If you want to refer people to your Boom Learning store, you can use a Referral Link or a Gadget. Referral Links can be easily sent in emails and other text-based mediums, while Gadgets can be embedded into websites and blogs, and display a rotating que of the decks you are selling, complete with links.

To use either method of referral, go to your Studio and click on the Referrals button.

This will show you a Referral Link for your store, and some HTML code you can use to embed a Gadget into your webpage. Simply copy the link and anyone can use it to go directly to your store.

The HTML code can be embedded on any webpage where HTML is accepted. You can also customize the Gadget's width using the button below the code.

At the bottom of the page, you can see more sophisticated stats on the traffic your store is getting, including whether or not people are using your Referral Link and Gadget to get to your store.

Adding a Gadget to a WordPress blog

You need to use a Widget if you want to use Gadgets on a WordPress blog. In WordPress, Go to Appearance & click Widgets, then look at the Sidebar list and click Text in the sidebar list. Then copy & paste the Gadget HTML code from the Referrals page.