Get your followers to take advantage of a special 10% discount on paid individual memberships for new users. All referrers earn 250 Boom Points for every qualifying referral, and Publishers increase ranking and visibility on the Top Referrals section of the Featured page.  


You can navigate to your referral page from Settings or by visiting while logged in to your account. 

Some ideas to increase your referrals:

1. Post your Referral Link in a blog, on social media, or in your newsletter

2. Direct customers to your Boom Store with Author Link

3. Embed the Gadget code into a blog or website

Adding a Gadget to a WordPress blog

You need to use a Widget if you want to use Gadgets on a WordPress blog. In WordPress, Go to Appearance & click Widgets, then look at the Sidebar list and click Text in the sidebar list. Then copy & paste the Gadget HTML code from the Referrals page.

The Refer-a-School feature does not earn any referrals. But it could get your school/organization to pay for your Boom membership and points.