We have two types of referral links you can embed in your messaging about Boom Learning. 

The first code is found under Edit Profile in Classes. 

If you click Refresh you'll see how many links have arrived from your Referral Link. Using this link sends users to the Boom Learning home page: wow.boomlearning.com.

If you are a seller, you have a second link you can use also. The second link is found under the Referral button.

When you click Referrals you'll see instructions on how to embed a link that directs users to your Store on Boom Learning. 

You will also see how to add a Web Gadget to your blog to show off your Boom Learning Store products. Instructions are on the page for how to use the Web Gadget.

At the bottom of the screen you can see more sophisticated stats on your referrals. Whether your user comes from the home page or your store referral link, both are counted in the stats shown on this page.

To add a Gadget to a WordPress blog:

    In WordPress, Go to Appearance & click Widgets, then look at the Sidebar list and click Text, and then copy & paste the HTML code for your Boom Gadget.