This article is a guide for those interested in or just starting out selling Boom Card Decks and Resources. Sellers can offer Boom Card Decks, Clipart, Fonts, or Images you've created. These can be sold in the Boom Store or in other market places and websites.  


Setting up Your Boom Store

Selling on Other Marketplaces

What to Sell: Stocking your Store

Collaborate with Other Creators: Resources

Payment and Points


Setting up your Boom Store

- how to set up a store; overview with Author Name, Author image, Boom URL, Pen Name, Ratings, Store Name, Studio, and Z-Order definitions and overview plus links to relevant articles 

pic - You can update your author pic under the Studio tab. Look just above the Author bio and store name sections, and click on the circle at the top of the page (with the red banner behind it) to open the editor. Select the image you would like to use for your store either by clicking on the Upload button in the upper right of the popup or by clicking one of your previously uploaded images. You can zoom in or out to get the image how you like it, and then click Save. It may take a second to upload and apply the changes, but then you're done.  

*Use definitions FAQ for quick access to those links:

Selling on Other Marketplaces

- link to Mandatory Reading:


Selling Decks, Fonts, Clipart, or Images

Magic Mirror, Creator Eating a Cookie, etc. videos

- how to customize a store; how to create folders, use tabs for font/clipart, etc.

- Link to What Font and Image sellers need to know:

- To connect with other sellers for tips and tricks, you can join our Facebook group for Boom Sellers 

What to Sell: Stocking your Store

If you're just learning how to create your own Boom Cards, check out our Quick Start Guide for Boom Card Creators to help you get started.  

You may also find it helpful to join our Facebook group for Creating Boom Cards. There you can ask questions and learn or share tips and tricks with other creators. It is also a great place to brainstorm and collaborate when you need to troubleshoot or want to try out a creative new style of Boom Cards.  

Whatever your making, please read through our FAQ on Quality over Quantity to see our standards, rules, and recommendations for all sellers. 

Creating and Publishing Decks of Boom Cards

Publishing your deck's video:

plus a link to New Seller Checklist:

- relationship to Boom: we are a retailer, not a market place, which means we handle the sales tax. You'll find more information on taxes below.

Selling Decks, Fonts, Clipart, or Images

Offering Sales and Free Resources

- Link to Sale/Free Items FAQ:

Collaborate with other Creators: Resources

- Link to voice over a list:

- Link to clipart list:

- Link to FB Seller's Group

Payment and Points 

- Link to How Points Work:

- Paypal:


- reiterate relationship to Boom: What is your relationship to Boom Learning? Boom Learning is a retailer, not a marketplace provider. Boom Learning is responsible for collecting sales tax on the sale of points and/or memberships as required by applicable law. You are a supplier, specifically a wholesaler in our relationship. You sell to us directly.

- link to Sales and Use Tax:

- link to finding annual earnings and Expenses:

- A 1099 will be sent to you from PayPal unless you were paid by check. PayPal offers this FAQ on how to print:

If you have more questions about 1099s, please see our FAQ for more details: 

- link to understanding sales tax records: