What is Boom

Boom Learning is a platform and set of tools for creating and assigning Boom Cards which are cloud-based digital learning resources. For an overview of the platform, check out: What's is Boom?

What am I buying: Memberships, Points, or Both? 

Only paid memberships have access to live and stored student success reports. Memberships provide the data processing, hosting, and related elements of the Boom Learning product, including student progress reporting and the ability to create a curriculum by creating your own Boom Cards. 

Each of the membership levels offers different features. To explore those different membership levels please read through: Which Membership Should I Choose? This guide will help you determine the right membership for you.

Memberships do not include automatically include access to ready-made Boom Cards. They enable you to create your own Boom Cards and Decks. Ready-made decks can be found in the Store. You can use the Green, "Find Free" button to locate free decks made by others, or you can purchase decks using points. 

Points act as currency in the store, and make it possible for teachers and other deck authors to sell the Boom Cards they create for additional income on the side. You can find more information on points here: Points - What are they and why do you use them

To purchase points, go to the Boom Store for an individual account or bulk purchase points packages for a school or other organization using the Estimate Builder. We also have an FAQ outlining the process of buying Boom Cards for a school which walks purchasers through the steps of buying a single membership for a teacher in their school.

How to Buy Boom

To purchase points or memberships for a group of teachers or an entire school or organization, use our Estimate Builder. We outline the buying process step-by-step in our FAQ: Buying Boom Cards for a School. 

You can also buy points or memberships for one or a few teachers teacher by following the steps outlined in this FAQ: Buying Memberships for Others.

***Upload a PO: If your school will be paying by Purchase Order, please upload your purchase order on the estimate or ensure that your estimate number appears on your PO or in the body of the email when you send it to the sales team. You can also pay with a credit card. Links will be sent as soon as your estimate is approved***

        • How to upload PO and a note about including Estimate numbers if PO is not uploaded - other methods of sending
        • Payment methods overview
          • CC Payments (how to plus limit of $2000 or less)
          • Check, PO, or ACH payments for sums over $2000
            • ACH is new; Mary will write FAQ once it's fully onboard (Eric just has a couple last actions) 


Boom learning takes privacy very seriously. Read more about how we protect data in our Data Protection Addendum, learn how to How to change Classroom Privacy, or find out about Keeping rosters private

Terms of Service

Read our Terms of Service ***. 

Once you've set up your account, whoever will be acting as the Admin should take a look at: QS for Admins.

If you have questions about buying Boom for your school, you can reach out to: sales@boomlearning.com or schedule an appointment to speak with someone over the phone. Please note that Boom is primarily operating from Pacific Time, and that high call volumes may limit the amount of time agents can spend on the phone. 

For legal questions, reach out to: legal@boomlearning.com