To change your email address go to My Settings. In the account tab, click the pencil icon to edit your email address.

If you can no longer access your account because your old way of logging in is no longer available to you, there are additional steps you need to take. 

To protect your privacy and that of students we need you to provide some proof that the existing account was yours before we can change the email for accessing the account.

Please contact us with at least ONE of the following items to prove the older account belongs to you. If your old school has a higher bar for establishing identity and you used credentials from your old school, you must meet that higher bar.

1. A receipt for a purchase made on the account showing your old email address.

2. Information about redemptions made to the account that only you could know.

3. Information about student accounts you created that is not public information.

4. A photo of a school ID from your old school.

5. A paystub, offer letter, or exit letter form your former school.

Thank you for helping ensure the safety and security of your and your student's data.