Boom Cards teaching resources are cloud resident and served, instructional-material mini-apps. Teachers create the instructional material mini-apps for personal use, use with colleagues, and/or for distribution (for a fee or no fee) via the Boom Learning Store or through third-party marketplaces. Boom Cards may be assigned in ways that do not collect data or in ways that use the Boom Learning Reports feature to process and report student performance data.

The Boom Learning platform includes three elements: creation tools (provided at no charge to all users), data processing and reporting of student performance data (provide at a fee if more than 5 students), and storage for created Boom Cards mini-apps. 


To buy, create, store, assign, and (optionally) record student progress on Boom Cards cloud-resident instructional materials.



These elements are collected, processed, and stored as part of our data processing on the school's behalf.

Application Technology Meta Data

IP address of users - no

Cookies - yes

Other application meta data - platform, browser, build number

Application Use Statistics

Meta data on user interaction - Last login


Standardized test scores - no

Observation data - no

Other assessment data - formative and summative as assigned by the teacher




Online communications that are captured - teacher to teacher creator feedback


Conduct or behavioral data - only to the extent a teacher creates and/or assigns a Boom Cards mini-app that collects such information


Data of birth - no

Place of birth - no

Gender - no

Ethnicity or race - no

Language information - no

Other demographic information - school location can be inferred from teacher's or student's email domain if a school account


Student school enrollment - no

Student grade level - can be inferred if teacher provides the information

Homeroom - no

Guidance counselor - no

Specific curriculum programs - may be able to be inferred from teacher assigned content

Year of graduation - no

Parent/Guardian Contact Information

Address - no

Email - no

Phone - no

Parent/Guardian ID

Parent ID number - no


Student scheduled courses - no

Teacher names - yes, provided by the teachers

Special Indicator

English language learner information - no

Low income status - no

Medical alerts/health data - no

Student disability information - no

Specialized education services (IEP or 504) - no

Living situations (homeless/foster care) - no

Other indicator information - none

Student Contact Information

Address - no

Email - yes if the teacher uses an authentication method that supplies an email

Phone - no

Student Identifiers

Local (School District) ID number - no, unless included in student email address (we do not extract it)

State ID number - no

Vendor/App assigned student ID number - yes

Student app user name - yes

Student app passwords - yes; encrypted

Student Name

First and/or Last - yes as most teachers provide actual names; pseudonyms are allowed

Student In App Performance

Program/application performance - yes if teacher assigns using student performance collection; teachers may avoid by using only Fast Pin assignments

Student Survey Responses

Students responses to surveys or questionnaires - yes if a teacher assigns a Boom Cards mini-app that functions as a survey or questionnaire

Student work

Student generated content - yes short written answers; eventually student created decks

Other student work data - fill in the blank; multiple choice; and other responsive choices


Student course grades - no

Student course data - no

Student course grades/performance scores - no

Other transcript data - no


Student bus assignment - no

Student pick up and/or drop off location - no

Student bus card ID number - no

Other transportation data - none

Other see below


Required data elements for Teachers

  • Email – a unique, valid email address
  • Username – globally unique string
  • Password – any string; encrypted
  • Teacher Nickname – any string
  • Teacher name - must be a real name
  • Full address - if making a purchase
  • Browser and Operating System
  • Last login date and time

Optional data elements for Teachers

  • “classroom” data items are “optional” - they become required if a teacher uses data processing and reporting of student performance data features
  • Classroom username – globally unique string
  • Classroom password – any string. This password is not stored encrypted as it is only an access point.
  • Classroom Nickname – any string eg “Kindergarten AM” or “Algebra”
  • “full address” info is required only for purchasing purposes

Required data elements for Students

Teachers can add/delete/rename student accounts at will.

Only teachers can reset forgotten student passwords. 

  • Username – globally unique string; can be changed by student and teacher
  • Password – any string; can be changed by student and teacher; encrypted
  • Nickname – any string; can be changed by student and teacher; can be locked by teacher; may be pseudononymous or a named identifier
  • Last login date and time

Schools shall supply identifiers that comply with the school's policies. If a school elects to use a third party authentication service (such as Google Single or Microsoft Sign On), the school agrees that it may provide to Boom Learning the information required to authenticate students. The authenticator may deliver a persistent identifier, student name, student email address, and an avatar.

Collect student progress data elements

When students play lessons with progress reporting enabled, Boom Learning collects the following information:

  • Device info: (browser version, os type)
  • Time spent
  • Student responses.

Students cannot delete log data.

Teachers can delete some or all student log data.

Abandoned/inactive account 

  • When a teacher deletes a teacher account, all sub student accounts and student data are deleted.

  • A teacher account is considered abandoned when its membership has expired and no teacher login has occurred for > 90 days. For abandoned teacher accounts, Boom Learning deletes sub student accounts and student data.