Educators using Boom Learning in the European Economic Area (EEA) or who are using it with students in the EEA must sign our Data Protection Addendum (DPA) before using the Classes feature of Boom Learning. The DPA may be downloaded from the Privacy Policy (scroll to the bottom).

Many schools in the US are subject to legal requirements that may lead them to want to enter into an additional signed document with Boom Learning. We have trolled through all the state laws and have added all the terms we think you could need to our DPA. You may sign and return this document to us to meet your state requirements.

The DPA covers a number of key elements, including

  • students own their data
  • we don't amass marketing profiles of students
  • you are the controller of the data and we act on your behalf as a school official
  • you can delete student data any time
  • our purpose is educational
  • we won't be selling student data
  • we use industry standard security principles
  • we use privacy by design principles.

Download the DPA, sign it (using Preview or Adobe to sign is acceptable), and email it back to us. Send an email to that same address if you have questions or need to request modifications.