All accounts use a "username" and a "password" for sign in. All usernames are unique and NOT case-sensitive. Passwords ARE case-sensitive.

Teacher / Author Accounts

Teachers join Boom Learning and create a Membership account.

Teacher members can organize classrooms, add or remove students, assign decks, create decks, and buy decks, images, and fonts. Any students and classrooms are sub-accounts "owned"/controlled by the Teacher Membership account. 

Teachers with Power memberships can create Boom lessons to share with their students.

Teachers with Ultimate memberships can publish products in the Boom Store. Products published to the Store are available for other Teacher members to "buy" and to assign to their students. 

Classroom Accounts

"Classrooms" are organizing tools to group students. They can be groupings within a single physical classroom (such as math/reading), or different student groups such as "am/pm" or "period 1, period 2".

Assignments that are intended for the entire class are assigned to a classroom. Assignments intended only for specific students can be assigned directly to a student.

A classroom has its own username and password. Logging into a classroom has 2 benefits. 

  1. For young students, the student roster is listed so that young kids can tap their avatar to make log in easier. This assumes the teacher has created student accounts ahead of time.
  2. For older students, the teacher can create a classroom account, and let the student create/setup their own accounts. By providing students with the classroom login credentials, students can sign into the classroom and then "create" their account.

Note: a classroom password is NOT used by the student to sign into their account. Classroom passwords are used to sign into classroom accounts. Signing into a classroom is useful as a tool for young students.

Student Accounts

Teachers create students accounts associated with Classrooms. (or, older students can be empowered to create their own accounts within a classroom)

Students have a username, avatar and password. Students who forget their password must obtain a new one from the teacher. Boom Learning does not reset student passwords for security and privacy reasons. Only a student's teacher can do so.

Student accounts can play the decks assigned to their classroom or directly to their student account. The teacher can view student progress by students individually or grouped by classroom. 

Note: when a student signs out, the classroom account will be AUTO logged in on the same machine to help the next student sign in. If you do not want this behavior, set the classroom behavior to "private". Then when a student signs out, the classroom roster will NOT be visible to the next student.